A Little More About Me

I’m an MBA with undergrad concentrations in Marketing, International Business, and Entrepreneurship. I have spent the last 7 years creating online businesses and experimenting with marketing and sales through Instagram and Facebook.

I created Simply Up LLC to help businesses like yours get to the next level and meaningfully connect with your customers. Do you know that on average less than 2% of first time website visitors complete a purchase or desired action? It is my mission to help you turn those potential customers into paying and loyal customers. I am ready to be your marketing consultant.

Services Offered

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Full management of Facebook and Instagram ads to help you gain the quality customers you really deserve. We can tailor the package to fit your specific needs.

Social Media Consulting

With so many different social media channels available today, it can really become overwhelming to learn and manage each one. I will help you come up with the best strategy for managing your social media pages.

Business Consulting

Need assistance in starting a business? Already own a business and need help with growing it? Not sure which direction you need to point your business and efforts in? Then this service is for you.

Grab your FREE Facebook Ads Starter Kit

Are you interested in running Facebook Ads but not sure where to begin? This free guide will help you get started with setting up a Facebook business page, the Facebook Pixel, and running Ads.

I created Simply Bossing Up as a networking space for female entrepreneurs and “mamapreneurs”. A place where we can work together, build each other up, and help each other navigate through our entrepreneurship journeys.